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Cinnamon & Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Cinnamon & Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Spice up your morning! EatBrands partnered with I Heart Keenwah for this extra-ordinary breakfast bowl. Made with Toasted Quinoa Flakes and EatSpice Cinnamon, this recipe is packed with probiotics and protein for a super start to your day!

To say the least, we Heart this recipe a lot... 



  • Pour: Pour quinoa flakes and almond milk into a small glass, airtight jar. 
  • Blend: Mix in your chia seeds, mashed banana and EatSpice. Blend until all ingredients are evenly distributed.
  • Store: Seal the jar and place jar in the refrigerator. Store overnight to allow the dry ingredients to absorb moisture and flavor. 
  • Enjoy with a dash more of EatSpice Cinnamon, your favorite nut-product, and a scoop of greek yogurt! 

Image via I Heart Keenwah

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